Discount Offer For TCS Employee | TCS Employee Benefits | TCS Employee Corporate Discount | TCS Employee Discount On Croma Tanishq Voltas WestSide Hotels

Discount Offer For TCS Employee | TCS Employee Benefits | TCS Employee Corporate Discount | TCS Employee Discount On Croma Tanishq Voltas WestSide Hotels

TCS - Tata Discount Offer Of Tata Employee - Tanishq

TCS Employee Satisfaction

TCS Employee are most valuable employee in the Indian market. Almost all company provide discount & offers for TCS employee. TCS is a company of Tata Group. TCS Employee gets discount of 5-20% on MRP for almost all Tata Products.
In Tata World website, TCS employee can see the various offer like: Discount For TCS Employee Croma,Discount For TCS Employee in Tanisq, Discount For TCS Employee in Tata Motors, Discount For TCS Employee in WestSide, Discount For TCS Employee in Tata Securities, Discount For TCS Employee in Voltas, Discount For TCS Employee in Hotels, Discount For TCS Employee in Credit card, Discount For TCS Employee in Tata Sky, Discount For TCS Employee in Tata Capital, Discount For TCS Employee For Loan.

Discount For TCS Employee In Croma Store:

  • Currently Croma Store offer Rs 2000- 3000 discount in SlingBox HD,SlingBox Pro HD,SlingBox Turbo

Discount For TCS Employee in Tanishq:

  • TCS Employee will get 7% discount on making charges for all Tanishq products

Discount For TCS Employee In Hotels:

TCS Employee can avail this below TAJ group hotels at very low price

  • Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces – Domestic Luxury: INR 3,500
  • Vivanta by Taj (India): INR 2,000
  • The Gateway Hotels: INR 2,000
  • Taj Palace Dubai: AED 300
  • 51 Buckingham Palace, London: GBP 50

Offer Validity – 23rd March, 2012 – 30th Sep, 2012

Discount For TCS Employee in West Side:

  • TCS Employee can avail discount of 5% on any product of West Side

Discount For TCS Employee in Voltas AC:

  • TCS Employee gets Rs 2500-4000 discount on Voltas Window AC & Split AC

Offer For TCS Employee On Credit Card:

  • TCS Employee only can get the Tata Credit Card & enjoy the 5% cash back

Offer For TCS Employee On LandMark Store:

  • TCS Employee can buy 3 book by paying for 2 book

Discount For TCS Employee in Tata Motors:

  • TCS Employee will get discount of Rs 10000 – Rs 40000 for various model of Tata car. Please contact your Tata Motors dealer for details.

Discount For TCS Employee in Tata Sky:
TCS Employee will get discount as mentioned below:

  • Tata Sky Standard Definition Box(offer price – Rs1439, Rs540 discount)
  • Tata Sky High Definition (offer price – Rs2539, Rs640 discount)
  • Tata Sky High Definition PVR Recording (offer price – Rs 6200,Rs529 discount)

Discount For TCS Employee in Tata Housing ( Real Estate):

  • TCS Employee gets a flat discount of 2% on value of property

Special Loan Offer For TCS Employee:

  • Click here to get the special offer for Personal Loan from Tata Capital

Corporate Discount of TCS Employee:

  • All large company offer corporate discount for TCS Employee. Ask for corporate discount while you opt for Loan, Car, Property, Credit cards. You certainly get some corporate discount.

Tata Capital Offer For Tata Group Employees:

  • Personal loans at privileged rates from 13.99% for Tata Group employees
  • Home Loann At attractive interest rate of 10.75% for Tata Group employees
  • Car Loan At 11.65% for loans of 36-month tenure for Tata Group employees

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  1. Saheli Says:

    Please tell the taj vivanta tata employee discount offer details.

  2. Saheli Says:

    Please clarify the offer details of titan for TCS employee.What is the procedure to get the doscount. Will I need to show my TCS ID card?

  3. admin Says:

    @ Saheli: Offer regularly updated in TataWorld Website. Please register in TataWorld with your TCS email id to see the latest offer on Titan for tcs employee

  4. Jenny Says:

    I like the discounts for tcs employees on tata product. But for all other Tata products like: Titan,Tata Green battery,Tata Master card, Taj hotels, I need the details discount offers for Tata Employee.
    Please clarify all TCS – TATA discount offer for Tata products.


    TATA Croma is the nation’s first large format specialist retail chain for consumer electronics and durables with successful expansion into Croma Zip stores. Just call Croma’s 24 hours call centre in 1800-258-3636 to know all the offer for Tata employee.


    What is the offer in Landmark store for Tata employee?

  7. admin Says:

    Recently Tata Credit card Customer can get upto 7.5% discount on Landmark product.

  8. Agnibha Says:

    What is the corporate discount on Tata Sky? Please tell the offer for TATA employee.

  9. Riya Says:

    What is the croma ipad offer for tata employees? Plz clarify.

  10. Sagar Says:

    @Agnibha: The discount on Tata Sky are as below:
    1) Tata Sky Standard Box: Rs 260/- off
    2) Tata Sky HD Box: Rs. 450/- off
    3) Tata Sky HD PVR Box: Rs. 600/- off
    Please call on 95450 28221 for booking a Tata Sky Connection

  11. admin Says:


    Landmark takes great pleasure in inviting you to its Biggest Ever Annual Sale, with upto 70% OFF on merchandise across categories! The excitement starts on 6 July 2012 and goes on till 5 August 2012.

    Some of our incredible offers include: bestselling books at a starting price of Rs. 49/-, 3 for 2 on the Top 500 new releases and bestsellers in books, amazing offers on toys starting from as low as Rs. 125/- with great discounts on brands like Lego, Hotwheels, Nerf, and Mattel, 20% Off on Soft Toys, upto 50% Off on Console Games & Tech Accessories, Movie DVDs at 3 for Rs. 499/-, 50% Off on TV on DVD, smart laptop backpacks at Rs. 899/-, upto 50% Off on Fragrances, International Magazines at the Landmark price of Rs. 60/-, and Home Décor starting at Rs. 79/-. Phew! And don’t forget, these are just a few of the ones we managed to bring to your notice.

    This year, we have an exclusive deal with State Bank Debit & Credit cards and TATA Cards, so you can get an additional 7.5% off on all purchases over Rs. 1500/-, if you use your State Bank Debit or Credit cards, or TATA Card to make the payment.

    And as always, being a member of the TATA family, you are entitled to a 7.5% discount on cash payments, and 5% discount on credit card payments, whenever you shop at Landmark. This discount is valid only on the purchase of non-discounted items. All you have to do is show your Employee ID card or visiting card.

  12. Suparna Says:

    I hear that tata employee buy from tanizq and get 10% discount. Is is true?

  13. Mandira Says:

    Tell me the Tanishq jewellery discount for tcs employees

  14. Jess Says:

    How could I avail the offer at taj hotels for employees.. Cud u pls provide me with more details as to where I cud get more information on booking the offer..

  15. Amrita Says:

    Is there any discount available in Croma Online store for Tata employee? Please tell in details.

  16. NEENA GUPTA Says:

    What is the voltas split ac price for TCS- Tata employee?

  17. Ajay Singh Says:

    Tell me the hdfc bank offers for tcs employees.

  18. Nil Says:

    Any credit card given for tcs employees

  19. Soumitra Says:

    Any croma offers for tata employees?

  20. Anumoy Says:

    Discount for tcs employees in croma

  21. Priya Says:

    Can I get discounts for tcs employees in electronic products in kolkata?

  22. Agnibha Says:

    Tell me the tanishq discount for tcs employees

  23. admin Says:

    Tata Credit Card holder can get Rs.300/- off on purchase of Rs.10,000/- and above.(Offer not valid on PDA and Mobile Phones).Get Flat 10% discount on all Croma Branded products to a Max of Rs.1, 000/-

  24. admin Says:

    Tata Credit Card holder can also get a discount on VLCC. Tata Card holder can get a 75% disc on Head to Toe package, 25% discount on hair cut.

  25. admin Says:

    TCS employee can also get loan & various offer by HDFC bank at a discounted rate. Please visit: to check out the HDFC Bank offer for TCS employee.

  26. Amrita Says:

    Places in mumbai where tata employees get discount

  27. Unknown Says:

    Did TCS give discounts on electronics item.?

  28. Pavel Says:

    Want to know the details of tata capital home loan for tcs employee?

  29. Priya Says:

    What is employees leave benefits in tata group?

  30. Riya Says:

    Tell the discount on tata cars for tcs employees

  31. Amrita Says:

    What is corporate discount in we care for tcs employees?

  32. Hiya Says:

    what are the employee benefits at tcs?

  33. B. JAYARAMAN Says:

    What is the offer on hdfc credit card for tcs employees?

  34. Sandeep Rajdev Says:

    Need to know details discount for tata employees

  35. Suresh Aiyer Says:

    What is discount for tata employees on tata cars?

  36. Naresh Chakkirala Says:

    Tell the percentage of discount for tcs employees on west side products.

  37. Rajat Kumar Says:

    What is the list of hotels in uk giving discount to tata employees?

  38. Nupur Ghosh Says:

    What is Tata sky employees personal fund? How can Tata sky employee gets benefited by this?

  39. Sritama Says:

    What is the tata group employee privilege scheme?

  40. Alok Kumar Says:

    What is tata sky offer for tata employees?

  41. Aruna Kumari Says:

    I want to know how much discount will be given for tcs employees for buying any Tata car

  42. Sreya Paul Says:

    What is rate of interest on personal loan in icici bank for tcs employees?

  43. Bipasa maity Says:

    What is discount for tata group emplyoees in retail shops?

  44. Rajesh Das Says:

    How to get concession in croma for tata employees?

  45. Deepesh Says:

    Is there any new offers for Taj Hotels for TCS employees?

  46. Sagar Gahlot Says:

    What will be rate of interest for personal loan in citi bank for tcs employee?

  47. Sagar Says:

    What is citibank credit card offer for tcs employees?

  48. Neha Says:

    Please provide list of tata products on which tcs employees gets discount.

  49. Aditi Says:

    Does tcs have any commercial store for its employees?

  50. Riya Says:

    What is tanishq offer on gold with hdfc credit card?

  51. amit Says:

    Please give the offer details of titan for TCS employee.

  52. Sneha Gogula Says:

    What discounts avaiable for tata employees in india on various products or shops?

  53. sathyamurthy Says:

    Is it only for TCS employees or for all TATA employees?

  54. Sneha Rai Says:

    What is tata employee offers in croma for macbook

  55. Prasun Says:

    where can we use tcs employee id card?

  56. sovon pramanick Says:

    What is the discount percentage in Tanishq for tatamotors employee?

  57. Pradeep Pradhan Says:

    What is TCS offer on lenevo laptop products?

  58. POOJA SHETTY Says:

    Provide a list of benefits offered to the employee at tata consultancy services

  59. Sandhya Thakur Says:

    How much discounts TCS employees get for TATA cars?

  60. Shraddha Sawant Says:

    I am tcs employee. when will i get my hdfc credit card ?

  61. Anik Says:

    Do tcs employee get any type of discount on mobile phones ? if yes please inform where we can get that.
    Thanks in advance.

  62. Anik Says:

    @Shradha : You need to apply on the HDFC bank .If your salary is above 15k then they will come and take documnet and provide you Credit card.
    Hope you will get a soon.

  63. Viswanath Says:

    Is there any samsung offer for tcs employee?

  64. Saugata Pramanik Says:

    Can I get discount in tata housing finance?

  65. Zareena Says:

    What is pension benefit for TCS employee?

  66. Pedro Mendoza Says:

    What is employe benefits in taj vivanta

  67. Arnab Talukdar Says:

    is there any discount for tata employees in tata sky

  68. Sinha Dey Says:

    Please provide offer for tcs employees in croma on samsung grand

  69. Sumon Patel Says:

    Is there any tanishq gold rate discount for tcs employees

  70. Shruthi Kamath Says:

    What is benifit of citi bank credit card for tcs employee

  71. Venkata Bhagavatula Says:

    What is home loan offer by tata capital for tcs employee

  72. Prabhakar Says:

    Is there a discount for Jaguar cars for TATA Employees?

  73. Ayan Says:

    I am a TCS employee. How can I avail discount on Voltas split AC in Kolkata?

  74. Sultana Yeasmin Says:

    Does tcs employees gets any benefit in indian passport making??

  75. Shashi Says:

    In tata world where we will get discount details??? pls help me…….

  76. Nandita Ray Says:

    what the benefit if working for TCS in tata showroom

  77. Puja Patra Says:

    Is there any discount in ginger for tata employees?

  78. Susmita Ghosh Says:

    Whats are the privileges for tata employees when buying tata cars

  79. Sharwan Kumar Says:

    What is the cost of room in taj for tcs employees

  80. Mahmud Hasan Murad Says:

    What is TCS employee PERK offer in onsite?

  81. Debotpam Ghosh Says:

    How much percentage the tcs employee get discount on tata car?

  82. Vivek Says:

    Yes; we as part of Tata Group; we get a discount of 10 % on Jewellery; but only on the making charge.
    Say; I bought a ring worth 5 Gm and say making charge is 25 %. so total it comes to ( 12500 gold charge + 3125 Making charge.
    I this case, we can avail a discount on 10 % of making charge. i.e. Rs 312.50 on the total jewellery. :)
    I am saying based on my personal experience.

  83. Tamasa De Says:

    which personal loan is best for tcs employees

  84. Samik Sen Says:

    where tcs employees get discounts in electronic goods?

  85. Nitish Swarup Says:

    Which laptop is best for TCS employee?

  86. Kelvin Smith Says:

    what are the benefits for tata consultancy services employee in singapore?

  87. Vidyut Pramanick Says:

    What is the discounted rate on TATA motors for TCS employees on Tata Aria model

  88. Himanshu Singh Says:

    What is the croma offer on dell laptop for tata employee

  89. Banita Pradhan Says:

    What is the Samsung Note II price for TCS employee?

  90. Natasha Nair Says:

    What is personal loan interest rate in axis bank for tcs employee

  91. Rajib Saha Says:

    how much discount a tcs employee can get on tata aria

  92. Pritha Banerjee Says:

    How to get Citi credit card to tcs employees

  93. manish Says:

    how to avail the discount offers as stated above?

  94. Raunak Says:

    Any offers for TCS employees in essel world??

  95. Jaideep Says:

    How to avail the discount on tata products ?

  96. Jaideep Says:

    how to avail discounts on tata products ?

  97. Geeta nair Says:

    Does the TCS employee gets good discount in Tata Sky new connection?

  98. Meghna Vijay Says:

    Does TCS employee gets any discount in Thomas Cook?

  99. Sunil Ulman Says:

    How much corporate discount can a TCs employee get in SBI home loan?

  100. Reshmi Padma Says:

    What is the offer for TCS employee for 2 wheeler purchase?

  101. Soumen Rana Says:

    What is the discount for TCS employee for Nexus 7

  102. Ujjal Raha Says:

    What is the discount ofr tcs employee in star hotel in Mumbai?

  103. suresh patel Says:

    what is the discount in Vivanta in Taj for tcs associates?

  104. Sonali Guha Says:

    how much discount a tcs employee can get in Axis band home loan?

  105. Ananya saha Says:

    What is the concession for tcs employees to get passports

  106. Rama Says:

    The information is very old and most of it is false. Eg croma offers 2.5% discount. Also other brands many times offer better price than tata offers. There is no cashback on tata card. They offer points which can be redeemed only in selected tata stores going there physically. It cannot be redeemed online.

  107. admin Says:

    TCS employees can get an exclusive discount on books, music albums, movie DVDs, gaming CDs and toys!

    Whatever your choice is, you’ll enjoy an additional 10% off at Simply use the coupon TCS10 to avail this additional discount.

    You can also enjoy a special advantage, being a TCS employee, enjoy additional 10% discount along with our 3 for 2 offer on books. Click here to browse 3 for 2 range.

  108. suresh Says:

    is there any discount for tata voltas ac

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