Salary Of TCS Employee – A Review

Salary Of TCS Employee | Highest Salary Of TCS | TCS Onsite Salary | TCS Increment Every Year

TCS is the one of the well paid company in India. TCS Package is always lucrative for new Fresher’s & also for experienced professionals. TATA Consultancy Services offer lump sum salary package for all TCSers. TATA Consultancy Services also offer good increment on completion of two years, promotion.
TCS offer average 10% average increment every year.

Salary Of TCS Employee  Highest Salary Of TCS  TCS Package

TCS salary will depends on various factor like Educational Qualification, Skill, Experience, Grade, Appraisal Rating etc.

TCS career ladder is like below:

  • TCS New Fresher’s (Trainee)
  • TCS Assistant System Engineer
  • TCS System Engineer
  • TCS IT Analyst
  • TCS Assistant Consultant
  • TCS Consultant
  • TCS Senior Consultant
  • TCS Principle Consultant
  • TCS Vice president
  • TCS MD

Salary Of a New Fresher’s in TCS (B.E/B.TECH/B Sc/BBA):

  • Salary of a TCS new Fresher’s is Rs 325000-340000 /year
  • Salary for M.E/M.Tech/Msc/MCA will be Rs 30000/year more than the mentioned salary

Salary of a Assistant System Engineer in TCS(Experience of 1 year):

  • Salary will increase slightly to Rs 350000/year

Salary of a Assistant System Engineer in TCS(Experience of 2 year):

  • Salary will be Rs 380000-400000/year
  • TCS employee will get two increment in this year. Once for completion of two years & another in April appraisal increment

Salary Of System Engineer in TCS(Experience of 3 year):

  • Salary will be Rs 420000- Rs 460000/year

Salary Of IT Analyst in TCS(Experience of 4 year):

  • Salary will be Rs 530000- Rs 580000 /year
  • TCS employee be promoted to IT Analyst post after completion of 4 year

Salary Of IT Analyst in TCS(Experience of 5 year):

  • Salary will be Rs 570000- Rs 640000 /year

After completion of 5 years in TCS, TCS employee generally get 10% average increment in April every year.

Salary Of Assistant Consultant in TCS:

  • TCS associates above 7-8 years of experience & having Assistant Consultant receive salary of Rs 1000000 per year.

Salary Of Consultant in TCS:

  • TCS employee having Consultant post receive a salary of Rs 1200000- Rs 1400000/year

Salary Of Senior Consultant in TCS:

  • TCS employee promoted to Senior Consultant receive a annual salary of Rs 1800000-Rs 1800000/year.

Salary Of Principle Consultant in TCS:

  • TCS employee promoted to principle consultant post receives an annual salary of Rs 2600000- Rs 3000000.

TCS MD salary & TCS Vice president has been decided by TCS board & is not disclosed.

TCS Onsite Salary In USA:

  • TCS will pay around $3600 per month in TCS. You can save atleast $1500-$2000 per month in TCS USA Onsite. It is wise to pay maximum tax in TCS USA Onsite, hence you need not to pay Tax in India. USA Government will refund your additional(Almost total) tax after deducting the required income tax.

TCS Onsite Salary In Mexico:

  • TCS will pay much lesser amount in Mexico than US onsite. However TCS will pay around $2400 per month in Mexico onsite.

227 Responses to “Salary Of TCS Employee – A Review”

  1. Aditi Says:

    what is the salary of senior consultant in tcs? Please tell details TCS compensation package for 2012.

  2. Sumana Says:

    How the tcs package for experienced is decided? Please clarify the details of TCS Salary package offer for 5 years experienced from another IT company.

  3. Rubina Says:

    what is the expected CTC of a TCS employee working for 4 years in TCS?


    i am a trainee joined on 14th june and when i gonna get my salary and how much i’ll get… plz say me….

    i joined tcs on june 14 th at ahemdabad ilp centre when i gonna get my salary and what will b my salary


    @Jaudeep You would get around 25k at the end of this month..

  6. MOHD. ALAM Says:

    Salary Package after the promotion to AST.

    I am ITA now and my Promotion is due in Jan2013. What will be the Sal Package after the promotion?

  7. Venkatrami Reddy Bobba Says:

    Lot depends on your experience,last performance band,external market conditions..
    But usually doesn’t change much as i have got just Rs 27,000
    hike + ITA salary at the time of promotion to AST.

    In my openion pramotions are big farce in TCS.What is the use if you don’t get salary hike instead you will get salary cut when your ISU doesn’t perform as per expectations in quarterly results.
    I believe you already knew a new policy in TCS i.e AST and above grades would not get variable allowance if your ISU didn’t meet the expectations in quarter results.


    In competency with similar pay scale i found the following.

    In Australia, Desert road truckers are paid the highest and IT the least

    In US, Finance/captial managers

    India, There is no strict payscale competition. Some civil engineers salaries are thrice that of a software engineer.

    As i see, it doesnt matter at all.

  9. MURUGAN S Says:

    Salary is based on Market… If your skill meets the market demand, able to extract money from market then you get more…

    Its true that none of us in I.T can stand under scorching sun and melt Thar and put roads… But poor people are doing it… They are not paid because of its nature… Roads are given for contracts… No body cares quality… They want to save much money and hence so… Even if their job cannot be done by most they are least paid because the market(we people) are least bothered about their work or its quality…

    In contrary take film industry even a crap movie earns more profit… A person just know to twist and turn his hands and knew nothing can earn in crores because of the market… We people pay attention to it…

    So salary depends on market… Indian I.T people are needed by U.S bosses and hence we are paid more… When they say no we will be on roads…


    For experienced professionals, is there any hike after one year completion?

    If someone joins as experience professional, then he goes through appraisal process after 1 year completion. (H1/H2 not applicable). Does he get hike once he completes one year (once his 1 year rating is finalized)??

    Or the person has to wait for march for the hike??

  11. Nupur Says:

    @ Mahendra:
    There is very small hike if your anniversary appraisal is prior to H2. Comparatively better(better not big by any standard though :) ) hike will be in H2.

  12. Rishu Ghosh Says:

    Do you have a wage hike if your grade changes in US

    In US, does your salary increases with a grade change in case of H1b visa. If an accosiate travels on H1b with designation as ITA. Will his grade change if he gets promoted to AST in US.

  13. admin Says:


    it will be changed, but its going to be very minor change.

  14. Kartik Says:

    What is the net/gross pay for tcs employees in deputation to Canada?

  15. admin Says:

    @ Kartik:

    It depends on the associate’s grade and the city in which an associate is deployed along with the duration of deputation (meaning short term vs long term).

  16. Rohan Says:

    If a person gets C band or B band next year after getting A band this year , will his salary decrease ?

    If a persons current salary is 5.2 L pa with 2.5 years workex in TCS and after getting A band this year. He is a systems engineer. If next year he gets B/C band and considering TCS gives same increment next year as this year , what will be the persons salary at B band and C Band .

  17. admin Says:


    variable pay will decrease but to what extent is depend on the standard decided by TCS. Lets say your variable pay is suppose to decrease by 10% but the standard rate of hike is 11% then your salary will increase by 1%. but that 1% increase is on ur fixed or variable that i don’t know.

  18. Venkatrami Reddy Bobba Says:

    I wouldn’t confuse you with variable pay or standard payin tcs.But you still get some hike.It happened in my case as i got B band last year and C band this year but still i see some hike in my increment letter.


    hi im fresher in tcs and my package is 3.16 lakh. how much i will get at the time of training, on bench and when i was in proj?

    I want to know the exact salary that i get when i was in training, when i was in bench and when i was in poject? Plese tell me salary per month? How much tax will be cut down every month if my package is 3.16 lakh/year?

  20. Sutapa Says:

    What is the salary for in tcs?

  21. admin Says:

    @ Sutapa:

    Any TCS employee having M.Tech/M.E/M.Sc/MCA will get Rs30000 – Rs 40000 /annum.
    TCS Package for M.Tech/M.E/M.Sc/MCA start from 3.6 Lakh/Year.


    What will be the anniversary appraisal after 1st yr confirmation for ratings 2,3 & 4? Currently the package is 3.16 LPA

    What will be the salary package after 1st yr confirmation for ratings 2,3 & 4? Currently the fresher package is 3.16 LPA… Pls post it for all three ratings… And will this rating be considered in the future projects as well?

  23. SACHIN KUMAR Says:

    This is how the hike will be for rating

    2->No hike

    And this rating is not considered in future projects.

  24. Priya Says:

    How to open TCS Salary account in Bank ? they demanding Employment Confirmation Letter ? where to find it ?

  25. Rahul Says:

    These days I do not see any but, the Bank guys used to come to office with offer for opening salary account/employee reimbursement account etc.

    Better to check with the HR they can assist when are the bank guys are coming to office and where they will be available(for some plan schedules etc.)?

    It is competitive time every bank is providing almost the same services. No major difference at all, you can go with some brand.


    How much will be the hike in salary in tcs?

    If in tcs, i get a rating of 4 in my final anniversary appraisal, how much hike in the salary can i expect?

  27. Subhashis Says:

    Best bank is ICICI & HDFC.
    you can get the letter from HR.
    First you have to selet which letter you want from
    Ultimatix –>Employee self service –> HR Management –> TCS Employee serlf service –> My bonafide letters.


    what are the eligibility criteria to get promoted from ASE to SE? will there be any hike in salary after promoted to SE?


    What is the expected salary hike if a person gets promoted from Systems Engineer to ITA (Band B)?

    Has any one got promoted from SE to ITA this year? How much hike you guys got?

  30. admin Says:

    @ Atheeth:

    80k to 100k


    I am completing my 4 years in TCS this aug 20. Please guide me when to ask him to initiate my promotion. Also can some one tell when the salary gets reflected as per ITA salary?

  32. admin Says:

    @ Preethan:

    Cutoff date for the current promotion cycle (called July Cycle) is 31st July 2012. Hence, you may miss it in this cycle.
    But, it can be initiated in the system by the PL now also(system will not check).
    After Reviewer clears the process, IOU HR will process it in the October 2012 cycle only as they check the eligibility before they clear from their queue.
    You can ask your PL to initiate ur promo in system, den it will be process for Oct cycle

  33. SAMI ULLAH Says:

    Ill complete 1 year in TCS in January 2013,so I wanted to know when my designation will be changed and when my salary will be increased?


    If TCS is your first company,then After one year u will become ASE from ASE-Trainee..UR hike will depend on your Annual rating


    Congrats first….After one year u will become ASE from ASE-Trainee..UR hike will depend on your Annual rating..and ur payslip(salary) will be updated in Feb’s salary…..i.e. on feb28th…….:)

  36. admin Says:

    once confirmed salary will increase based on confirmation rating…U’ll become ASE from ASE-T


    I joined TCS in aug , 2010. i will be completing my 2 year in tcs by aug 2012. so can i expecta promotion and hike by that time?

  38. SHARON JOHN Says:

    Hike depends on your performance band for that year in TCS..If you get a good band then of course you will get a good hike! :) Promotion depends on the following- 2 performance band, tenure, cut off date of promotion.. you can reach out to your BHR for more details..Good luck:)


    promotion is after completion of 4 yrs in tcs

  40. TCS employee Says:

    The salary mentioned looks to be a quite older one .. at least 4-5 years back. The present salary is below for senior associates

    Consultant – 22 to 24 lakh PA based on rating
    Senior consultant – 24 to 27 lakhs
    Principal consultant – 28 lakh onwards

    The pay varies based on skill set also. There can be some employee in rare skill and product business drawing approximately 6-10 lakh more than their peers

  41. Shardul Says:

    What is present Salary for AST grade ?

    I am in TCS in .net skill with package of 7.5 for near to 7 yrs exp and band is C. My promotion is due in Sept. How much hike will be there if I get promotion? I am thinking not to take promotions if there is no considerable hike.

  42. Saranya Says:

    hi, i was joined in tcs on November,11. last month got into the project. when i will get my WON no and when i can initiate my appraisal? when i ill get my hike?

    Advance Thanks.

  43. samir Says:


    I will be completing 4 years in TCS on August. I got band D on my first year in TCS as I was not in any project. In all the subsequent years including this year I got band B. Please guide me whether I will be eligible for promotion in the October cycle or the band D three years back will make me ineligibe for promotion this year ???

  44. Sudip Says:

    Tell me the salary of a consultant in TCS

  45. priya Says:

    What is the tcs package for deputation to london?

  46. jolly Says:

    I joined Tcs recently as ita grade c2. Project is yet to be allocated. Pm told during interview that it is banking project. I am in noida. Does anyone know more about the project ? If it is usa project, will I get onsite opportunity ?

  47. Shampa Says:

    Tell me the tcs first anniversary hike policy

  48. Ruchi Says:

    What is the rate of salary increments in tcs 2012?

  49. Deba Says:

    Tell me the salary in tcs after 3 year as a fresher

  50. Moitya Says:

    Please tell the Comparative pay scale in IT industry for software engineer with 3 years experience

  51. Rajiv Says:

    How much will I get in hand if TCS package is rupees 3 lakhs?

  52. Yogesh Says:

    What is the tcs australia onsite salary?

  53. Umashankar Says:

    What is the C-1 Grade means in TCS and what is the salary per month, extremely urgent

  54. Umashankar Says:

    What is the promotional avenue for a C-1 Grade employee of TCS having a M.Sc. degree in Business Information Technology from a Scotland University ?

  55. Rupsa Says:

    Tell me the tcs average salary after 5 years talented employee.

  56. Soumya Says:

    Tell me the expected sal of tcs in 7yrs experience?

  57. Ganesh Says:

    I work in TCS,fresher – first yr..
    yo statistics r wrong.

    I get hardly 20k pm…

  58. Priya Says:

    What is the package of hr manager in tcs?


    what is tcs salary in canada? Tell for both TCS employee working in Canada & deputed to Canada.

  60. RITU. BHAT Says:

    Tell me the expected salary in tcs after 4 years experience

  61. SANJAY GUPTA Says:

    What is Salary of 2 year experienc engineer in tcs?

  62. Sanjana Says:

    what would the salary in tcs after 1year with rating 3?

  63. Priyanka Says:

    Tell me tcs package year by year

  64. Rupsa Says:

    tcs salary and bonus details for mca freshers

  65. Ajihit Says:

    Pay grades in tcs india software engineers

  66. Ruchi Says:

    Does variable allowance get cut if bench period is more than 6 months in tcs

  67. Satish Says:

    how to get high pay in tcs

  68. Ajoy Says:

    what is the promotion policy 2012 of tcs?

  69. Sumon Says:

    what is salary for tcs associates in bench period

  70. Degant Bhat Says:

    salary package in tcs for 3 years experience

  71. Indra P Says:

    waht is the tcs variable pay for ast?

  72. Ajoy Says:

    What is the tcs package for freshers 2013 batch?

  73. Sumon Says:

    what is Average salary of a fresher in tcs after 4 years?

  74. Tamalika Says:

    average salary in tcs with 5 years experience?

  75. Sushma T Says:

    What is tcs pay grade?

  76. Shuvayu Says:

    How much salary an it analyst of tcs get?

  77. Riya Says:

    Whare Can tcs post after 2 years?

  78. Asifa Says:

    Want to know tcs package for experienced?

  79. Lalith Kumar Nuthalapati Says:

    What is tcs pay scale for assistant consultant in Rupees?

  80. Manas M Says:

    What is highest onsite employee salary package for TCS?

  81. Suresh jana Says:

    How much salary will increment for appraisal rating grid for TCS employee?

  82. Charmi S Says:

    Let us know grades and designations in tcs

  83. Deb Kumar Says:

    What is Computer Scince Engineer package per annum for TCS?

  84. Charmi Singh Says:

    I am going to Onsite in USA from TCS Chennai. How much i can save in usa from tcs? Tell the the details of TCS payment to onsite associate as bonus?

  85. Rajiv Kumar Says:

    How much a freshers get paid in USA TCS office?

  86. ram Says:

    what is pay of a fresher entering as a system analyst (but not through campus recruitment)?

  87. Riya Dutta Says:

    How to collect tcs uk work permit?

  88. amit Says:

    i am fresher with 3.16lpa in tcs. plz tell me in hand salary during ilp and post ilp.

  89. Smitha K Says:

    How much salary you will get in IT after 5 years?

  90. Sudipa Paul Says:

    What is monthly salary for developer in TCS?

  91. Krisnendu Ray Says:

    What is in hand salary in tcs for freshers?

  92. P Das Says:

    What is the salary during ilp training trivandrum 2012?

  93. mohit Says:

    @P Das around Rs 18533 per month

  94. nitin Says:

    what are the criteria to absorb third party business associates on TCS payroll

  95. Amit Gupta Says:

    How much does tcs offer management trainees?

  96. Rakesh Dawar Says:

    What should be the experience of a software engineer to earn rs.8 lakhs pa?

  97. Manoj Says:

    Can anyone please tell what is the salary structure for 12 years of experience in TCS? I am purely into technical and having very strong technical background of delivering large projects to UK and USA.


  98. Animesh T Says:

    what package is tcs likely to offer to BE freshers 2013?

  99. Santosh M Says:

    What is short term onsite salary for software engineers in US?

  100. Issan Says:

    How much salary does tcs trainee get in chennai?

  101. Rajiv Kashyap Says:

    How much rating have to keep in h1 and h2 band in tcs so that i will get c band?

  102. Amit Says:

    Can any one tell about Long term service policy in TCS.
    I will complete 5 yrs in TCS after 2 month.

  103. Amrita Says:

    How much contract employee get with 4-5 years of experience

  104. Navneet Singh Says:

    Please tell tcs vs polaris salaries in canada?

  105. Anitha Says:

    How much tcs pays in kolkata?

  106. Rajdipa Says:

    How to see the payslip of fresher in ultimatix?

  107. Sanjyot Narkar Says:

    What is net Salary for Management trainee at TCS?

  108. Chaitali Harmalkar Says:

    What is tcs salary structure for freshers?

  109. Chandra Says:

    How much does a vice president earn in tcs?

  110. muniraju Says:

    what is the hand salary after ASP trainee … please answer me any one asap..

  111. Neha Saran Says:

    What is market standard salary for 8 years experince in India 2012?

  112. mac Says:

    Associate consultant designation is missed.. I dont think it is right figure..

  113. Nabin Says:

    What is tcs london salary?

  114. Nabin Says:

    How much salary will tcs provide if we doesnt get project after 1 year?

  115. Suman Das Says:

    How much salary increment happens in tcs for fresher?

  116. Neha Gupta Says:

    What is actual pay scale of senior consultant in tcs?

  117. Riya Gupta Says:

    Is it true that tcs is increasing mca fresher 2013 package?

  118. Soma Says:

    What is the designation of tcs consultant services designation?

  119. Ranjan Says:

    What is net package of tcs for 2013 freshers candidate?

  120. Bikash Says:

    what is the starting package of tcs for freshers?

  121. Runku Says:

    How much does a service consultant at tata consultancy make in USA?

  122. Anju Patel Says:

    What is average salary offered for tcs in us?

  123. Riya Das Says:

    what will be the salary in tcs after 2 years

  124. Suparna Says:

    Provide the market rate for salary in india for associate consultant for 6 years experience

  125. Maneesh Says:

    How much B.Sc.(IT)fresher can get in TCS as a software testing trainee.

  126. Neha Gupta Says:

    What is the salary for mca freshers in tcs campus placement 2012-13?

  127. Naina Says:

    What salary tcs provide to grade b colleges?

  128. Pritam Says:

    What will be tcs salary usa software engineer college graduate

  129. Rayan Says:

    What will be salary for TCS employees on US deputation

  130. Aditi Naskar Says:

    How much a director in tcs earn in india

  131. ashish Says:

    Sir i have 3 year experince in Iphone developer then if i switched out to other company then how much package i demand in that comapny.
    I have Completed BE in computer science.
    Plz reply me as sooon as possible
    Thanking You

  132. Saheli Says:

    What is salary of statistical analyst at tcs?

  133. Ranjan Says:

    What is short term onsite salary germany for TCS associate?

  134. Abhi Says:

    I work in TCS and I know the real pay scale.
    A trainee gets 18000/-(incl HRA,PF,HIS,etc).After training period he gets 22000/month as compared to 26000-28000 promised.

  135. naam mai kya hai Says:

    no money and future in TCS….
    only work work…
    its my own experience….as exp is best teacher i tell u leave d company

  136. Bekar Company Says:

    TCS is very bad company as fas as compensation is concern. They are not giving hike in promotion and annually. Inflation is very high in TCS. I can bet to anyone, In TCS each associates has differenct VA hence differenct salary… this is really hight.. There is BIG ZERO transparency.

    I will not reccommand to join TCS.

  137. Rubi Says:

    what is the salary of it analyst in tcs?

  138. unknown Says:

    Hi Friends,

    I am from TCS i joined six months before but i didnt get confirmation letter still now, will i face any problem.

  139. ANU V Says:

    Hi I joined TCS Trivandrum recently as IT Analyst Grade C.And i have totally 6.6 years of expereince.I heard in TCS to get a promotion as TCS Assistant Consultant we should have at least 7 years of experience. So when will be eligible for promotion? please advise.

  140. Priyank Says:

    what is the salary of Business Associate as a java developer in TCS??
    and what is role of Business Associate as a java developer?

  141. Priyank Says:

    what is the salary of Fresher Business Associate as a java developer in TCS??
    and what is role of Fresher Business Associate as a java developer in TCS?

  142. SD Says:


    I joined TCS one year back as AST. I have completed 1 year by Jan 2013. What will be the increment in Yearly apprisal.


  143. SD Says:

    What will be promotion policy in TCS from AST to higher designation ?

  144. subashri R Says:

    i’m doing cse,
    what are designation for cse position ,resposibility,
    ctc,benefits and appraisal.

  145. Champa Bibi Says:

    How much salaries is offered by TCS to 3 years experience engineer?

  146. Priyana Das Says:

    How much time does it need to get 10 lakhs package in tcs?

  147. Aditi Says:

    Is there any salary hike i will after completing one year in tcs?

  148. N Janaki Says:

    What is tcs canada onsite salary?

  149. Sourav Chakraborty Says:

    How much sallary do we get in tcs in america

  150. Bhavna Barad Says:

    How much salary a software engineer get in tcs?

  151. Julie Gaikwad Says:

    what is the average starting salary for a BE graduate in TCS bangalore in 2012?

  152. Ashok Pandey Says:

    how much tcs pays in canada

  153. Koushik Says:

    What is h1b wages by tcs in US?

  154. Vimal Dinaram Says:

    At What designation will a person become project manager in TCS?

  155. Dileep Says:

    What does DEPLOYMENT INDEX mean in TCS?

    Will there be any hike in salary if DEPLOYMENT INDEX is 100%?

  156. Shalini Das Says:

    What is tcs salary structure in uk?

  157. Suhas D Says:

    How much a it employee of tcs save on onsite?

  158. Naina Says:

    How tcs salary grow with US onsite deputation

  159. Nidhi Yadav Says:

    What is monthly salary from tcs for ase trainee having mca degree

  160. Navina Patel Says:

    What package is given to an analyst working in tcs india

  161. sri Says:

    What would be the CTC for a consultant role in TCS . What would be the fixed and variable pay for the role of COncultant with Band 4 in TCS

  162. ramesh Says:

    Hello, i am MCA graduate and my uncle is Principal Consultant in TCS…i can get entry in TCS through his recommendation/referral???

  163. Anshuman Says:

    what is the annual salary increment for bpo in tcs

  164. Prachi Desai Says:

    how much does an ase earn in b band in tcs?

  165. Julie Gaikwad Says:

    If the fresher is joined in dec is he eligible for the next year hike

  166. Rishabh Kapoor Says:

    what is the maximum salary of software engineer in tcs of chennai?

  167. arvind Says:

    Hi i joined in tcs at feb2011
    i got A band in my first H2
    while completing my 2 nd year in tcs i got one appraisal for my designation change as systems engineer
    now in my 2nd H2 appraisal i got C band, will my salary get decreased.if it so then how much decrement i can expect..

  168. Shahin Says:

    I hope , i will get a good solution from your team.

    I am working in Tcs . Completed Bsc IT and joined for Tcs ITIS .We have no H1 and H2 appraisal for the 1 year completion , but we received 1 year compensation (Variable Allowance). We joined here with 2 years bond. I am going to complete my bond this year. We applied h1 and h2 (2012-2013) and we got hike. Actually , i did a mistake by moved from my previous project , where i initiated h1 and h2 on feb 2013. So they allotted me D band. I hope u know, for all the Bsc graduates will get very less salary till complete the bond. Due to the band, my salary got deducted. iam worrying for that and want to some clarification regarding this. I will complete my bond on this year and will get some appraisal after received the Assistance System Engineer Promotion . So it will increase my basic pay. Need some information about that, 1. How much i will increase and get my salary on this bond completion and 2. Will my salary normalised with other who joined in tcs with me. Please give me a clear decision . Now my salary is 2 lakh after decreased this year.

  169. Mili Ghosh Says:

    how much does a consultant earn in tcs?

  170. Naresh Kumar Says:

    how much savings for tcs associate in london?

  171. Shilpi Mukherjee Says:

    if ctc 460000 how much saving necessary to save tds

  172. Premal Vasavada Says:

    what is package offered to a fresher in tcs

  173. Akash Rana Says:

    how much does tcs offer to a management trainee

  174. hetal Says:

    I just wants to know the package of grade bpo, designation process associates and role as an business analyst at gandhinagar.for a fresher.

  175. kavi Says:

    sir,can you please tell me what will be the monthly salary for the campus interview student with 100% talent and english knowledge who got the first place in the college.please reply me sir.

  176. kavi Says:

    sir,what will be the salary for the students who have finished eee with good knowledge.

  177. Pradip Mukherjee Says:

    how much tcs pays in india during bench period?

  178. Narendra Modi Says:

    What salary should pay to statistical analyst at tcs

  179. Bhuvnesh Tiwadi Says:

    how much is paid to assistant consultant onsite

  180. Sourabh Saha Says:

    what is Onsite salary for tcs in Canada

  181. Projjwal Das Says:

    what is the basic of asst system engineer in tcs

  182. abhishek ganguly Says:

    how can i see my promotion status in TCS?

  183. aditiban dutta Says:

    what will be the pay like for 5year experience in TCS australia

  184. Vivek Sinha Says:

    when will tcs gives 2013 promotion?

  185. Aarti Adiwarekar Says:

    What is the onsite salary in tcs in germany?

  186. Atheeth Kumar Says:

    What is the salary growth rate of Java developer in Tata consulting Services in USA

  187. Varun Gopalakrishna Says:

    What is highest salary offered to in computer science freshers per annum in tcs?

  188. Laxminarayan Chandrashekar Says:

    What is the allowance for consultants on deputation in canada working with tcs

  189. Ritesh Sha Says:

    How promotion is given in tcs 2013?

  190. Manjunath Nandi Says:

    how allocation affects performance pay in tcs?

  191. Reena Yadav Says:

    What is the salary breakup for tcs australia for IT analyst?

  192. Vishnu Nair Says:

    What is IT Analyst salary in TCS 2013-14?

  193. Neha Saxena Says:

    @ Ritesh: As per my communication with TCS HR, promotions are processed batch wise for 2013-14. So id your promotion is pending with corporate HR, you have to wait more 3 months for the promotion process to be completed.

  194. Meenakshini Says:


    Hope I may get answer to my question here. I am Btech engineer,joined TCS as System Engineer as a lateral with exp 3 years and 2 months in June 2012. This June I completed my anniversary and also total relevant exp. of more than 4 years. As per policy I am eligible for IT Analyst promotion but my supervisor is not ready to initiate. Is there any possibility of HR intervention or default promotion after any fixed period?

  195. Souvik Biswas Says:

    What is TCS onsite salary for Mexico?

  196. Nisha Chawla Says:

    what is the average salary paid by tcs for hiring system engineers from campus

  197. Sukhjit Parmar Says:

    Hi,i am serving in iaf and have diploma in electronics,i have seven years experience,
    Also i have completed bachaler of engineering from AMIE ,Kolkata…….plz tell me how much salary will be for me in companies ???? Give me some rough idea plz…..

  198. whatever Says:

    I have read a lot about TCS in websites and forums…some say it is a good company and some say it is not…..I m really confused….please someone who has worked in TCS clarify about the company….If concerned about salary only then is it a good company or not?…

  199. Riya Rai Says:

    What is salary a TCS BPO associates gets in hand every month?

  200. JAY Says:

    But salary in TCS BPO Fresher salary is very low in kolkata around 8.1k per month very disappointing.

  201. JAY Says:

    Ria Rai if you would like to contact me then I can tell you about the salary package of TCS non voice bpo process in KOLKATA Rajarhat.I have worked there and know the HR team very well and gathered wonderful experience there.

  202. ritesh Says:

    what is salary of operation head and center head in tcs examination project lucknow?

  203. Neha Gupta Says:

    What is tcs consultant salary in usa?

  204. Amal Nair Says:

    What is principal consultant tcs salary in Mexico

  205. Jeet parekh Says:

    What is the increment for Assistant Consultant( ast) in TCS?

  206. Jayant Patel Says:

    What is the TCS pay scale for onsite associate in UK?

  207. sudipa gupta Says:

    Does TCS onsite at Bangladesh worth a lot?

  208. Nupur Ghosh Says:

    What is TCS onsite salary in Singapore ?

  209. Avik Patel Says:

    What is TCS onsite in hand salary in Belgium?

  210. aditi Sinha Says:

    Is there any oppurtunity of Onsite for TCS BPO employee?

  211. shafi S Says:

    Hi All

    I am going to complete 3yrs in this Feb..recently I took release from my old project(Nov 2012) now I joined new project.. Im worried I may get D band..plz tell me it will effect my Promotion (ITA) and my hike.

    till now I didn’t get D B and C bands.

  212. Devika saha Says:

    What is tcs bpo starting salary and increment

  213. Kushal Says:

    It’s just an exaggerating information for new freshers.

  214. sudhansu sekhar Says:

    Hey, I came to know about the TCS career ladder. tranee-ASE-SE-ITA-AC-C-SC-PC-VP-MD. I want to know that these designations can be achieved just by experience or anything more?

  215. zh Says:

    Hi All,

    I joined TCS in Dec2009. I completed my 4th year on 29dec2013.But I had got D band in March 2013,C in March 2012 and C in 2011.Promotion was initiated in current project during 4th year completion on dec29 2013,but corporate HR put that on hold.

    Having said above,my manager,reviewer approved for ITA promotion and local HR also approved for promotion when I was completing 4 years of service on dec2013.But it remained pending at corporate HR. I followed up with current project manager and he advised that it may got delayed by one quarter and would be getting one TCS Quarterly result date on next quarter,means April17 2014.

    Considering above grievance,
    1)do you feel that I will get promotion on Date April 17 2014.
    2)My new band in March2014 will be C band as expected,so please tell me whether Promotion will come first or Annual Hike will come first.
    3)My current CTC is Rs4.25Lakh pa, so upon new C band, I AM expecting hike since my last year band was D.sO HOW MUCH HIKE it can be?people advised that Rs50-60k pa for getting D to C band.Is it correct.
    4)What is the normal pay scale for ITA for my case.As you can see that current ctc is Rs4.25lakh, new hike is expected.Then ITA hike is how much.
    5)If ITA PROmotion is rejected for D in March 2013 then when can I get ITA promotion letter.Do I need to initiate again when I will complete my 5th year on dec2014
    6)Considering that lots of decisioning is pending,please advise whatever you have experienced. Much thanks in advance

  216. zh Says:

    @Shafi S,

    Yes if you get D band in April 07 2014 then you may not get promotion in Feb 2015.
    It is suggested to you to request previous project leads to allocate you C band kindly.If they dont agree then plz be consoled in advance.
    If they agree then you are lucky.

    If D is allocated in April 07 2014 then you need to show outstanding performance and keep rapport with new project leads ,then leads may initiate ITA promotion in Feb2015 date. You may reach to them in advance by Dec end 2014 so that they do the necessary approval by dec2014 end and then you will get a chance of ITA Promotion on TCS Quarter result day on april15 2015 with ITA wef Feb2015,salary difference will come in arears.

    If above is missed,then you need to approach management/supervisor by april01 2015 to initiate and that will reflect in next quarter result day july15 2015

    if both the above methods fail then you are consoled to bear.

    Also kindly never mention any negative of previous project to new project.Current management have full right to delay your promotion as much as possible so be informed on this.

  217. zh Says:

    @Shafi S,

    Yes if you get D band in April 07 2014 then you may not get promotion in Feb 2015.
    It is suggested to you to request previous project leads to allocate you C band kindly.If they

    dont agree then plz be consoled in advance.
    If they agree then you are lucky.

    If D is allocated in April 07 2014 then you need to show outstanding performance and keep

    rapport with new project leads ,then leads may initiate ITA promotion in Feb2015 date. You may

    reach to them in advance by Dec end 2014 so that they do the necessary approval by dec2014 end

    and then you will get a chance of ITA Promotion on TCS Quarter result day on april15 2015 with

    ITA wef Feb2015,salary difference will come in arears.

    If above is missed,then you need to approach management/supervisor by april01 2015 to initiate

    and that will reflect in next quarter result day july15 2015

    if both the above methods fail then you are consoled to bear.

    Also kindly never mention any negative of previous project to new project.Current management

    have full right to delay your promotion as much as possible so be informed on this.

  218. Rajesh M Says:

    Hi… What will be the hike at the completion of 2 years… Is there any difference for UG/PG during the hike…. Can you tell me the hike details if the existing band is B.

  219. Mahesh Says:

    What is the hierarchy of MBA Grads?
    assistant system analyst-system analyst-??then?can somebody please elaborate?

  220. Riktya Says:

    I joined as assistant system engineer grade y… What will be my salary after completing ilp?

  221. John Says:

    what is onsite criteria for tcs…
    & also
    if one get ‘D’ band as First band(after FA) then on promotion to System Engineer(like after 2yr) how much amount of salary get incremented.. is its band is also consider while promotion
    Plz reply ASAP

  222. Neelam Sahu Says:

    what is the average take home salary if ctc is 350000 rupees

  223. Ruma Khatun Says:

    What is salary of engineers on deputation from india in Canada

  224. Anindya Mukherjee Says:

    What is the TCS pay scale for onsite guys?

  225. Anima Singh Says:

    What is the Salary scale of vice president in TCS bpo

  226. MRS Says:


    I’m SE now with CTC around 5.6 , They stopped my promotion last quarter which is on due Apr.

    After lot of fight they initiated this Jun Quarter. What would be difference.

    Do I lose only last 3 month charges or Much More.

    What I can expect the hike(Will it be there?)

  227. VSK Says:

    I had appeared for technical round on 7th June in Pune and was told that its cleared and further process to be held in weekdays. I have never got call from TCS and also don’t know how to contact for the status. Can anyone faced same problem? please help me how to contact for status as I don’t remember the same of the recruiter.


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