TCS Appraisal Process – Performance Band

TCS Appraisal Process | TCS Performance Band | A B C Band In TCS – TCS D Band Salary Decrease

TCS – the Indian leader in IT industry,appraisal process in the process to judge the performance of associates & yearly salary package is also modified after the yearly appraisal process. Project Manager will assess team member’s performance through the appraisal process.

Get good appraisal in TCS - way to get good appraisal in tcs

TCS Appraisal Process Flow:

  • TCS associate’s performance are recorded through 2 half yearly appraisal process i.e TCS H1 Appraisal & TCS H2 Appraisal process.

Duration of TCS appraisal cycle:

  • TCS H1 cycle duration is 1 April -30 September
  • TCS H2 cycle duration is 1 October – 31 March

TCS Performance Band:

  • After completion of TCS H2 on 31 st March, all TCS employee can able to know their performance ratingi.e IPF.
  • Then TCS start a IOU band level rationalization process & project GL/Project Manager are informed the number of A,B,C,D,E performance band, he/she must give to their project team member.
  • Project GL/Project Manager provide the performance band A-E for their Team Member
  • TCS team member can able to know their performance band after 10th April(generally)

Change of TCS Salary Package With Performance Band:

  • TCS associates salary package is also modified depends on TCS performance band.
  • The top performer (Received A Band) salary hike will be 20-25%
  • Associates Received B Band get a hike of 15%
  • Associates Received C Band get a hike of 10%
  • If TCS performance band changes to A-B,B-C band their will be little hike of like 5% only.
  • If TCS performance band changes from C band to D band, salary will be decreased like 7-8%
  • If TCS performance band remain same, like A-A,B-B,C-C the hike will be 25%,15% & 10% respectively
  • If TCS associates received D Band previously has received D Band again, the hike will be very nominal, like 3-4% only & Performance Improvement plan will be initiated.

Clarity and Problems Of TCS Appraisal Process:

TCS Appraisal Process - TCS Performance Band- tcs employee pain

  • TCS appraisal process is not clear & also not perfect at all
  • TCS project manager generally give good performance band/rating according to personal relation
  • Employee Performance Appraisal is Painful & does not motivate the TCS associates
  • TCS appraisal process does not assess actual performance of team member
  • TCS appraisal process is a non data based assessment
  • TCS appraisal process actually demotivate the associates
  • Cross-comparisons is not possible in TCS appraisal process
  • No alert is given to TCS associates regarding their performance

126 Responses to “TCS Appraisal Process – Performance Band”

  1. Arnab Das Says:

    How much band hikes in tcs 2013?

  2. Nithya R Says:

    what will be hike afer 2 yrs in tcs if got d band

  3. Nabijah Says:

    Does salary decrease in tcs after h2

  4. Zahra bibi Says:

    What happen after final anniversary rating in tcs?

  5. Mangam Siddartha Says:

    Could any of you know how the H2 rating will effect our salary ?

    Ex: 1. If my H1 rating was 4 and my H2 band was C or D , how the salary will vary ?

    2. If my H1 rating was 3 and H2 band was C or D , how the salary will vary ?

  6. Ramneek Chauhan Says:

    I wanted to know, how is H2 decided for associates who are on bench for almost 4-5 months. What if he/she has good H1 rating say, more than 4

  7. Divya Shashidhar Says:

    Associates who are not allocated (i.e. not working with any project) will not be able to complete any appraisal activity in SPEED. The default rating for an appraisal is 1. Such cases are highlighted individually to the unit owners for their reference and review during year end rationalization.

  8. Sandipan Chaudhuri Says:

    As per my knowledge Band rationalization have been done by Unit in the unit curve.

    You will surely be tagged in to an unit when rationalization starts, end of January or February.

    Your yearly Average IPF will be considered while you have been fitted to the unit curve. If there is no H2 IPF will be taken as default rating 1 so the average IPF will be (H1+1)/2 and it is coming somewhat around 3.5 for you.. based on the IPF you will be fitted in to unit curve and your band will be released.

  9. Debayan Laha Says:

    What is the process of calculation of final anniversary rating from final IPF?

  10. Debayan Laha Says:

    Anniversary Appraisal Process for New Joiners ( Experience Professionals):


    - initiated on completion of 3 months from joining the project. This is initiated by the Supervisor. The EP will be able to view this letter, once confirmed in the link shared (Ux – HR Management – Letter Generation – My Confirmation Letter). If the confirmation is pending, reach out to your project HR .

    Anniversary – On completion of one year of service. For Eg:- Anniversary Effective Date – DOJ (1st Nov – 30th Nov) Current year : Anniversary shall be on 1st Nov next year

    The appraisal process includes Mid Anniversary & Final Anniversary review. The Mid anniversary process should be initiated by new EP as soon as he is allocated to the project.

    Steps in Mid / Final Anniversary Process

    •Initiation & Data Validation by appraisee -> Goal Setting by appraiser -> Goal Review by reviewer -> Goals Buy in by appraisee -> Self Evaluation by appraisee -> Evaluation by appraiser -> Evaluation by reviewer -> Sharing of evaluation

    Please reach out to your HR if you have already not initiated the appraisal process and need more clarity!

  11. Muniza Aftab Says:

    Anniversary rating is given based on the Final IPF, supervisor’s and reviewers’ overall assessment of work done and contribution etc. In case of any disagreement , it is important that the associate has a discussion with his appraiser/Reviewer and understand the reasons behind the gap

  12. Santhosh Balli Says:

    After the completeion of one year in TCS, i.e after the Final Anniversary, will there be change in the compensation or is there a policy that states only associates joined before DD-MM-YYYY in a particular Financial year are only eligible for change in the compensation. Pls help me understand the process.

  13. Muniza Aftab Says:

    There is a new compensation letter which will be released post completion of Anniversary, this will be reflective of performance as well as the compensation policy of the FY

  14. Karthik V T Says:

    what will be salary hike if one get C band this year and last year it B? What will be the salary hike if C is the band in current appraisal and also getting promotion ITA?

  15. Karthik Krishna Says:

    Rationalisation Process – Some Thoughts

    We are now approaching the end of the Financial Year 2012-13, and very soon, many of us would be undergoing the Year End Rationalisation / Normalisation process. Therefore, I thought I would write a short blog post about this.

    Yes, information on this can be obtained elsewhere, but I thought I’d take a shot at interpreting this. I hope what I say makes sense and that the information is in some way useful.

    Who is eligible for the Rationalisation Process?

    Associates who have completed one year in TCS as of 31 March 2013 AND whose Anniversary Process has been completed as per timelines. (by AND, I mean the “&&” operator :) )

    NOTE: Anniversary Process refers to the appraisal type applicable to an associate, during their first year in TCS. It would typically comprise a Mid and a Final Anniversary Appraisal. There is a tendency to refer to this process as “Confirmation” but that is the wrong usage (that was what it was called a few years back).

    What happens during the Rationalisation Process?

    TL; DR Version: The organisation is divided into a number of “Rationalisation Units”. The individual performance of the associate (calculated based on the H1 & H2 ratings, or the Anniversary rating, for associates completing their anniversary in Feb or March 2013) is compared with others in that unit, and the associate is placed in an appropriate “Performance Band”. The top performers in a unit would be at band “A”, others would be placed in band “B”, “C”, “D” and the bottom performers at “E”.

    Why is this required?

    Opinions on this can differ, but here’s my interpretation on why a “Rationalisation” or “Normalisation” or to put it colloquially, “Curve Fitting” process is required. In my view, there are two things to consider:
    ■There has to be a way of sufficiently differentating high performers, average performers and low performers. Take the hypothetical situation, where we have no “low” rankings, and everyone is slotted into one of just three bands – Excellent, Very Good, and Average. This would mean that a large part of the population is recognised as “average” and rewarded as such, which is not healthy. (”If everyone is special, then no one is special.”)
    ■At some point, there needs to be a standard way of evaluating a person’s performance. As a supervisor, I may be more or less lenient than other supervisors. If there is no standard, we have no way of knowing whether a particular rating (let’s say, 3.5) is a good, average, or bad one. Also, if only the boss’s assessment of the individual’s performance is considered as a way to reward the associate, then differences in the way each supervisor evaluates, could unnaturally benefit / go against the individual – which is not desirable.

  16. Deepak Y N Says:

    I just have a small query as to know how is this handled here ??

    Say a supervisor is very strict & he gives ratings like excellent=4, average=3, below average=2.5
    & another supervisor gives ratings like excellent=4.8, average=3.8, below average=3

    Citing a practical example (say Certification) – the goal being 2 certifications per year !
    2 associates completes 1 certification each but are under different evaluators,
    one gets 2 & the other gets 5 for achieving the same task [i,e 1 certification only].

    Similar to school/college days, where in 75% is top or an excellent score in one college
    but securing even 90% is just average in another.

    If these two scores are compared against each other & normalised with a common base, I somehow feel somebody would be effected :(

    I am curious to know how are these being taken care ?

  17. Meera Vishwanath Says:

    Do we necessarily need to slot associates in D and E? Can the majority not fall in C? For the ratings are based on Associates’ performance on allocated goals. If goals have been achieved, there should not be no reason for associates to get lower than C. Raising this question out of an observation, wherein associates who have been allocated to projects in end of Q3 or start of Q4 fall target for rationalization to D.
    We had a tough time last year going through the “Band disagreement” process to get the rating rectified for a project associate. The rectification /correction usually happens (if lucky and deserving) almost 2-3 months post release of Normalized Rating. The whole process is not transparent and difficult to identify the queue/ task owner. Also, as multiple HR units come n action, it is very difficult to find out the status. In this duration, the VA has been already cut and the associate goes through lot of uncertainty.

  18. Regina Yeboah Says:

    what will be effect if i will get band c in h2 tcs

  19. Sonia Pramanik Says:

    How goal ipf calculated in tcs?

  20. Suman Kanrar Says:

    How much salary hike is there for different bands in tcs?

  21. Ruchi Ray Says:

    What is the last date of performance h2 appraisal goal sheet in tcs

  22. Sony Nair Says:

    What is default band in TCS?

  23. Nirghum Balika Says:

    What will be tcs 2013 band in onsite UK?

  24. Nandini Says:

    what salary hike if band changes from c to a in tcs

  25. Rubina Chopra Says:

    Are new associates in a project given d rating in tcs?

  26. Tanu Priya Says:

    Please tell the steps for tata consultancy services performance appraisal process

  27. Debashis Says:

    what is the band given for default rating in h2 in tcs

  28. Kiranmala Says:

    Can i initiate mid anniversary appraisal if i join tcs in september

  29. Dhananjay Says:

    Will getting degraded from band A to C will decrease your salary

  30. Sapna Ray Says:

    What will be the performance hike in tcs in 2013?

  31. Nidhi Singh Says:

    What will be the hike in TCS based on the performance band rating?

  32. Ramesh Tripathy Says:

    What will be tcs hike in c band in 2013-14

  33. Richa Pant Says:

    .I could not get chance to initiate my H2 or PE because I was looking for an onsite opportunity and got confirmed for a project which allocated me to the project for more then a month until the relocation process. After that they cancelled my travel due to some reason and released me. Same case happened again with me I got another project that also allocated me for than a month and due to some reason cancelled and released me to RMG again.

    In this scenario where I did not get chance to initiate my appraisal, on what basis my appraisal will be decided?


    how the final ipf is calculate in tcs


    what is rationalization appraisal process in tcs?

  36. PRABU T Says:

    can any one tell me the Salary Hike for 2 year completion if i got ‘C’ band in H2?


    Did you have an effective goal setting discussion with your appraiser for H2 Cycle?

  38. Akhilesh Garg Says:

    can any one tell me the package details for 2 year completion hike if i got 4 rating and ‘B’ band in previous H2?

  39. Bharat Aggarwal Says:

    TCS Bands are going to be announced in next 30 days!! So what Hike can we expect this time as TCS has performed well in Q!,Q2 and Q3.. Also, does anyone know if salary is going to get reduced if one gets a ‘D’ Band, even if he is 3+ years experienced ?

  40. Lokesh Marwaha Says:

    I want to know what is the difference between H2 and project end appriasal.

    I actually missed initiating H2 appraisal, now my HR told me to initiate

    Project end appraisal. I am thinking will this impact me in any way?

  41. Rajrupa Kundu Says:

    Can any one tell me default rating for H2 appraisal process

  42. Pushpa Roy Says:

    tcs performance band c from performance band a. How salary will effect?

  43. Supriya Says:

    what is the salary difference for A and B grade in TCS?

  44. Salome Bhandarkar Says:

    What is the hike for ASE in TCS for H2?

  45. Priyanka Mudaliar Says:

    How to calculate Performance band based on IPF in TCS?

  46. Susanta Says:

    What band at 2.5 rating in tcs?

  47. admin Says:

    @Susanta: 2.5 Rating is attract D band in TCS.

  48. Krish Puli Says:

    HI priyanka,
    We can consider the below slabs.

    4.3 0 – 5.00 A
    3.80 – 4.29 B
    3.20- 3.79 C
    1.01- 3.19 D
    No E …………

  49. Ankita Arora Says:

    what is yearly salary hike for different bands in tcs?

  50. Soumya Pathak Says:

    when tcs performance band 2013 will releases?

  51. Dhiral D Vaidya Says:

    When we will receive the salary hike letter against 2013 performance band?

  52. saurabh kumar Says:

    Hi Krish,
    Slab mentioned by u is fixed for every year or applicable for this year only .

  53. varun Says:

    If someone has FA IPF 3.2 and H2 IPF 4.09,then which band will he get and what is the process of calculating the band in this case?

  54. Sudeshna Datta Says:

    I get 3.8 rating in TCS 2013. What band comes after TCS curve fitting.

  55. Sayani Chandra Says:

    What is TCS b band hike in 2013?

  56. Imam ul Haq Says:

    What is performance management system at tcs

  57. Amrita Saha Says:

    What is tcs appraisal policy?

  58. Madhuri Singh Says:

    how much hike tcs gives for band c to band a?

  59. Rahul Biyani Says:

    Hi Krish Puli
    Performance band does not depend on IPF.
    Its totally associates manager dependent.
    In my firstyear I had 3.82 as my IPF and I got D band and one of my collegue had 3.6, got C band.

  60. admin Says:

    TCS appraisal performance band for 2012-13 has been released.Anyone can she able to check mail & can know about his/her performance band.

  61. Srinivas Says:

    Hi I got band D from Band C previous year…will there b any hike now 2013

  62. Ruchi Patel Says:

    How to disagree performance band in tcs?

  63. arvind Says:

    Hi i joined in tcs at feb2011
    i got A band in my first H2
    while completing my 2 nd year in tcs i got one appraisal for my designation change as systems engineer
    now in my 2nd H2 appraisal i got C band, will my salary get decreased.if it so then how much decrement i can expect..

  64. kumar s Says:

    TCS … Dont know how they will decide bands..i got band B from last 5 yrs & now D. This yr i moved into new account &my project was just for 8 months, its short term proj and after production rollout and 1month support they released from account bcz they don’t have any new projects. For H2 Ipf is 3.8 out of 5 but band is D. Very bad policy in tcs , if band decrease dont give hikes atleast give same ctc so associates try to with organization.

  65. himanshu agarwal Says:


    I joined tcs on 26 March,2012.
    I complted my final anniversary on 1st march.
    there was no H2 for me but i got a band B.
    Will there be one more increment for me this year in april

  66. Guest Says:

    Its very strange. This was my fisr H2 in TCS and in my team an SE was the appraiser of 4 ITAs and an ITA was the appraiser of ASC!! Is this possible? In all my years of corporate experience this is the first instance were juniors were appraisers of their seniors. All thanks to relation with PM.

  67. Prabu Says:

    i am not sure that this is the correct calculation.

    when your band is coming down from A to B or B to C or C to D your salary will come down or you will not get any hike.

    for IPF above 3.5 is eligible for B band some time they may get C / D also depends on supervisor.

  68. A TCSer Says:

    A good appraisal system should:
    1. Publish band/rating publicly, which is accessible to everyone enrolled in the system.

    2. Unlike a complete 360 degree appraisal, there must be atleast some percentage of a appraiser’s rating, which will be given by his sub-ordinates.

    3. Unlike one-on-one discussions, a fair appraisal process must have a group discussion, where anyone within the team can point out others plus and minus points.

    4. Each appraisee, rated with best rating/band (i.e. 5 or ‘A’) must deliver a presentation of his achievements, based on which he was appreciated. At the same time, another presentation must be delivered by the appraiser for each person, he rated with worst rating (i.e. 2 or ‘D’). This will help the entire team to realize the expectations, organizational goals and Do-s, Dont-s.

    5. Anyone involved in a appraisal cycle (be it the appraisee, or be it the appraiser), if demands any future commitment or help, which is out of the contract/ethics, he must be terminated without any warning. But, there must be a very clever enough process prove this (for example:- No one-on-one discussion regarding appraisal).

    6. Those who are not assigned to a project (unallocated) must be rated with above average rating. This will ensure that corporate industries stop hiring people unnecessarily just to portray a good image of the organization.

    7. Appraisal of an employee must be done on scalable attributes. For example, “Number of defect fixed in last year”, instead of “promptness to fix defect”. So, during evaluation, the appraiser, only has to ensure whether the self-evaluation statements/figures are correct or not.

    This is all about an ideal system, where appraisal is supposed to happen fairly. But believe me, none of these IT industries want to do fair and justified appraisals. This is because, they believe, instead of a equally contributing team, a master and a team of ever-competing slaves generate better output.

  69. Kumar Says:

    The most pathetic thing about the TCS appraisal process is that there is a decrease in salary if you get a good rating from an excellent rating (say 2012 – excellent & in 2013 – Good).

    I have never seen such kind of policy :-)

  70. Anand Says:

    Last year I had D band , now I have got B band and completed 2 year in April 2013. What would be my salary then ? Can anyone let me know this. I’m not sure how much will be promotion (SE) hike and H2 hike( 4.3 rating) I have.

  71. SS Says:

    Shit appraisal process,Shit company ,shit salary decrements……Band process is really insensible.Not sure based on what parameters TCS takes such decisions… Better to move out….

  72. Anand Says:

    The company is growing with the employee contribution when the person got D band. Salary will be deducted 1 laks to 1.5 laks. dont prefer to join this organization.

  73. Shailesh Jindal Says:

    what happens if we get 2 consecutive d bands in tcs

  74. MSD Says:

    Don’t join this Company as a long term the salary is not constraint,Better to move out….

  75. Suresh Gaikwad Says:

    What is the effects of getting D band in tcs?

  76. Rimi Ghosh Says:

    When PIP will get initiated after getting D band in TCS?

  77. Rajeshkumar Alapati Says:

    Will my salary increase after getting allocated in project in tcs?

  78. Nobel Mondal Says:

    Its possible to become ITA in tcs after getting two D band ?

  79. Irshad Khan Says:

    when will tcs announce promotion to employees

  80. Yojana Sonawane Says:

    What is TCS Policy for ITA promotion or is it Managers decision?
    C band + 4.10 years experience = am I eligible for promotion to ITA?

  81. Rakesh Kumar Varma Says:

    Anybody got ITA promotion letter for Q1 2013-14?

  82. Sanatan Prasad Says:

    if the rating is 3.5 in final anniversary rating how much salary will be increased in TCS?

  83. debashis Says:

    TCS band depends upon with ur manager…if relation is good thn GOOD for you else you are gone and HR has no role to play,bcoz they will speak wht manager will say.Even this yr i got D band bcoz i denied to come office saterday regularly and told to my manger pls make rota for all.He took this as personal grudge and gave me D band..i escalate to higher level nothing happen.

    SO better to leave and get other oppurtunity.

  84. Nayandeep Sehgal Says:

    how to know whether promotion get initiated in tcs

  85. piush Says:

    In my project, there were three promotion initiated at the same date out of which 2 are for C2(ITA) to C3A(Assistant consultant) and one is of mine C1(SE) to C2(ITA) , but as of today ,both ITA to Assistant consultant are approved at all levels , where as mine SE to ITA is still pending. but what I found out its pending with Corporate HR for last 15 day .

    Does any one have any updates on this “pending at Corporate HR”

  86. piush Says:

    @Nayandeep : Its your appraiser who initiates the promotion , if you are good with your appraiser then ask him or her directly that where he has initiated or not. You will only get to know if the promotion letter come to you .

  87. piush Says:

    @Nayandeep ,

    Only your Appraiser knows about your promotion, as he is the one who will initiate your promotion.

  88. Amio Nandi Says:

    when we expect c2 promotion letter 2013-14 tcs?

  89. piush Says:

    Amio Nandi,

    it depends on your initiation date, generally it takes 15 to 20 days min .

    Note : there are various stages to get a promotion such as
    1) Initiation by appraiser.
    2) Approval of reviewer.
    3) Approval of Account Manager.
    4) Approval of Account’s HR
    5) Approval of IOU head.
    6) Finally Approval of Corporate HR.(Approved by all stages

    After completion of above stages it takes 5 day to get a promotion letter.

  90. Aakash Kash Says:

    Does promotion possible in tcs when associates are in bench or unallocated?

  91. Ankit Gupta Says:

    The statistics provided by you is not relevant.
    If TCS performance band remain same, like A-A,B-B,C-C the hike will be 10%,8% & 6% respectively and that is applicable for 2012 & 2013.

    If TCS performance band changes to A-B,B-C band their will be little hike of like 3% only.

  92. Akash Biswas Says:

    What is the band for on banch employee in TCS?

  93. Nita Chopra Says:

    how much increment we get in tcs based on final anniversary rating 3.6

  94. Dhanashri Jadhav Says:

    how to fill goal sheet in tcs

  95. Dibyajyoti Sarkar Says:

    how to see your band in TCS?

  96. Sweta Singh Says:

    Does pip(performance improvement program) valid for laterals?

  97. Satya Prakash Says:

    how anniversary rating is allocated to new joinees in tcs

  98. Abhishek Says:

    Will my salary be decreased if I get C band from previous H2’s B band?

  99. vikas Says:

    I have 3yrs 11 months work exp and have got an offer for the position of IT
    The variable pay in the CTC is very high almost 38%.
    And what I understand from the HR is that the layout will be 100% for the first year and it will increase or decrease after the year end Appraisal.
    Can some one provide me the below details.
    1. If I’m joining in November, I will have an appraisal After one year completion. How much hike will be there after one year for laterals??
    2. Will I be eligible for appraisal in 2015 for the normal appraisal cycle??
    3. What has been the normal pay out For variable pay??
    If it’s only 100% and in the subsequent year if this component decreases, it doesn’t make any sense as the pay will be much lower than what was projected in CTC.

    would need advice on these points at the earliest as I need to take a decision very soon.

  100. kanmani Says:

    As vikas said, i am also in the same situation. My doubt is about the salary reduction. I am looking to get the B band but if i get C band in end of my 1 year in TCS, will my salary decreased?

    Please help me to understand as i am having other offer as well (Wip..). If this is band then i will join there.


  101. Shilpa Patel Says:

    What is performance appraisal process of tcs?

  102. mak Says:

    what will be the effect on salary in TCS if one gets D as his/her first band. I mean D band in his/her first H2 when his/her anniversary rating is 4

  103. subal Says:

    Hi I have got 2.905 rating in FA so what will be the band after rationalization process according to my FA IPF rating?

  104. abhishek Says:

    My H1 rating was 3.14.I got released from project on 3oth September.Even I am not able to initiate H2 and PE for 2013-14 Apprisal cycle due to short time spend in different projects .But My unit tagging is done. What is my band for H2? Can i get default band?

  105. Aarti Says:

    true…my manager gave me bad rating bcos i dont have good personal relations with him..he is the worst manager ever i seen before…

  106. darsha Says:

    I joined tcs on October 2012 and my final anniversary rating was 4. In my second appraisal cycle I was allocated only till Nov so I couldn’t initiate for h2 but I have initiated for project end process. How the salary will vary for me.

  107. Ran Says:

    If assosiate is unallocated and reporting to RMG and no H1 & H2 has initiated for year(2013-2014). What band he/she will get for current year(2014) as last year(2013) he/she got ‘D’.

  108. Ran Says:

    If assosiate is currently unallocated and reporting to RMG. what band did he/she’ll get for the year 2014 as he/she got ‘D’ band in 2013 and took long leave for medical emerg and no H1/H2 has initiated for the year(2013-2014).what band did he/she’ll get

  109. S bindu Says:

    If you have ever come acroos this word ‘hopelessly hopeless’ .. this is TCS. Everyone is a manager, except the freshers and those below 5 yrs of exp. These managers have very shallow knowledge of the very sw the company services for it’s clients.(read Java/SAP/Databases,etc). The only aim is to bag support projects implemented by other consultancies, by under quoting the prices!!! Result resources are asked to perform in adverse conditions. Examples – all freshers in a project, a backoffice guy becomes functional consultant, allmost no training / skill upgrade initiatives compared to the size of the company, too many managers managing the same resource pool. Projects are in utter mess. Onsite opportunities are even worse than offshore work. Some projects have only manager, no resources!!! Against such background, one can understand how bad the appraisal process can be. Worse take a cut in salary or almost an increment that does not even cover the annual inflation rate!And all companies have the same policy. So guys, wake up, to have your own pie. These companies are only serving themselves, and now you should start thing of how to serve yourself.
    Big companies have spoilt thw work culture beyond repair. Only way out is to have more no of smaller companies working on large projects.

  110. Vishalnidhi Says:

    Default band is D. Though I know its too late to advice I am posting for people who would visit this space and can learn.

    Incase you miss on initiating H1/H2 then your next focus should be to get an PE initiated. As soon as you are allocated to a project ask them to initiate your PE coz post finish of project everyone forgets who u r. Secondly, to fall under normal circumstance you need to have atleast 1 of the following in each half yearly cycle.

    1. H1/PE
    2. H2/PE

    If you miss on any one of above you get a default rating of 1.

    Then for calculating the band following formula applies.

    Final Rating = Halfyearly cycle1+half yearly cycle2/2

    The average is then put into curve to decide the band..

    Now associates need to be watchful on what is happening about their H1/H2.

    Incase you are being assigned for a very short period ensure you talk about your H1/H2/PE whichever is applicable.

    Incase someone relents you say no to project coz in any case its better to have a default rating without working then regret and feel low that you worked and got bashed up

  111. Sriram Says:

    Hi, Performance banding got realeased my banding is “B” ( C to B), what will be the sal hike nw.

  112. Vishal Says:

    I have 3 rating and Band is D. I am not satisfied with band as per my work.
    Can I reject Band and oppose for the same?
    to get C points in rating were totally wrong.

  113. pratap Says:

    what if band is c from earlier D

  114. ksh Says:

    i got 4 rating in my final anniversary and in h2 i got a D band…my present package is 3.8..will my salary reduce?? if i get a D band again will I get terminated?? please reply as I am in deep tensed situation

  115. Rubina Says:

    What is the salary hike in tcs of D and C band in 2014?

  116. developer Says:

    My band last year was C and now I got A band, my current salary is 4.03 after becoming SE, what will be my salary after appraisal according to band

  117. Vikas Gupta Says:

    I am also one of the victim of this corporate politics and completly agree that performance band is given on personal relations and not the actual performance shown by an associate. The whole appraisal process of TCS sucks and not data based approach where you can compare the performance of two associates. It is very demotivating and i would request to all the freshers to not to join TCS as after joining, this is just spoiling the carrer.

  118. Suvom pal Says:

    What is tcs band disagreement process?

  119. Gaurav Says:

    TCS is the company where you will never get right parks for your valuable work because middle manager is totally giving band on persional relation he donot worries about his project or product success and also most of having lake of technical knowledge.There is a process for everything but useless.Policy maker team is also arrogant.Only They are drinking blood of employee.So Donot stay more then a year in this company if u r looking your Professional growth

  120. Sabya Says:

    is there a salary increment in tcs from d to b band?

  121. ss Says:

    when is the Promotion letters will be distributed in April 2014.

  122. Rupam Joshi Says:

    Does giving bad rating tcs new joiner is normal in tcs?

  123. Sudipa Samanta Says:

    what is the salary appraisal in tcs for A B C and D bands

  124. raj Says:


    hike depends on previous years band.

    e.g. from

    c to b hike is 15%
    c to A 23%

    c to c 7%
    b to b 10%
    A to A 12%

    for c to d 2% decrement

    d to d 2 % increment

  125. rohan Says:

    I have joined TCS on 4th june 2014 as SE and have 3 yrs 8 months experience . Will I get promotion after completion of anniversary in june,2014. I will ve 4 yrs 8 months experience by then. ITA is given to 4 yrs experience.

  126. Prateek Says:

    My initial salary is 3.26 lpa. I got final IPF of 4. How much will be the hike ?

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