Working Girl Smoking Rate Are Increasing Rapidly In India

Number of girl smokers in India are increasing rapidly. In 2005, only 1.5% Indian girls smoking cigarette , bidi. But In 2009, current India has more than 2 crore Girl Smoker( Almost 4% girl smoker in India) . Smoking rate among girls are more in Bangalore,Pune,Delhi,Mumbai than Kolkata,Assam,Kanpur,Punjab.

India has more than 2 crore Girl Smoker

In a study, it revealed that todays Office working girls smoke more than homely girls. In Bangalore,Pune,Delhi,Mumbai many office working girls stay alone or share flat & often stay away from parents. So from the work pressure & loneliness, girls start smoking .Office working girl enjoy the smoking cigarette with tea Study also revealed that many girl smoker enjoy the smoking & regular smoke 2-3 packet of cigarette.Smoking also now a status symbol for young girls. In the extreme village part of India, poor girls enjoy the puff of Bidi.

Working Girl Smoking Rate Are Increasing Rapidly In India

WHO warned that increasing rate of girl smoking create problem in pregnancy & children death rate will be increased.Girl smoker will be more affected in Cancer.Also Indian girl smoker burns out 100 crore everyday.

Indian girl smoker enjoy the smoking & regular smoke 2-3 packet of cigarette

Still Indian Government silent to ban the cigarette in India.

14 Responses to “Working Girl Smoking Rate Are Increasing Rapidly In India”

  1. akash deep rawat Says:

    please dont smoke lots of cigeratte maybe u smokes frre now

  2. akash deep rawat Says:

    smoking injurious to health important to girl married life is totally waste now in future

  3. akash deep rawat Says:

    so pls dont smoke

  4. Peter Says:

    better u can do that F***K, but dont s***e……

  5. Bider Says:

    Don’t Smoke

  6. SHUBHAM Says:

    Girls Do not smpkeits injrious

  7. Nischay Rajagopal Says:

    Nicotine patches give you nicotine all the time, I dont smoke all the time. A quick puff on an e-cig is all I need to get that nicotine burst. Its the best thing Ive ever come across.

  8. Dr. Jagruti Chasmawala Says:

    Dear all,
    Our mission statement is ‘Freedom from Tobacco’
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  9. jeet Says:

    this is a mastibaaz boy frm kolkata……..any girls wanna be my friend can call me at 7278742613

  10. lond bina condom ke Says:

    smoking is an alternate of 8 inch long rod

  11. Danish Rizvi Says:

    why smoke when you are there with all your beauty

  12. Rahul Ghodeswar Says:

    Now girls are smoking more than boys in corporate industry. We see girls puff 2-3 packs everyday.

  13. Vivek ray Says:

    What is the number of Girls smoking in delhi india

  14. Abhay Singh Says:

    Girl smokers are the beauty. It looks cool when a girl light up cigarette. You can also cheer up girls to start smoking.

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