Landlord PAN Card mandatory for Rent Over 8333 Per Month For HRA Exemption

December 15th, 2013

Landlord PAN Card mandatory for Rent Over 8333 Per Month For HRA Exemption | Way To Cheat Indian Income Tax Department

Now it is bad time for most of the salaried employee. Most of the salaried employee submit the counterfeit house rent receipt to get Income tax discount.

Till Oct salaried employee can Able to produce house rent of up to Rs 15000 per month without producing the landlord PAN number. But as per the new notice issued by Central Board of Direct Tax,salaried employee need to produce landlord PAN card if your monthly rent is over Rs8333 or yearly rent over Rs100000

What to do If House Rent Over Rs 100000 In A Year:

  • Employee will enjoy the income tax exemption on the total rent. Landlord have to pay income tax on the amount exceed Rs 100000

Do You Need To Submit Landlord PAN Number When House Rent Is below Rs 8333 per month:

  • No. No need to submit Landlord PAN Number

What Happen When Landlord don’t Have A PAN Card & House Rent Over Rs 100000 In A Year:

  • Landlord must sign the self declaration saying that he don’t have the PAN card and that copy must be submitted to the employer to get the HRA exemption

Citrus Pay Support Contact Email | Citrus Pay Customer Care Number

December 5th, 2013

Citrus Pay Support Contact Email | Citrus Pay Customer Care Number

Citrus Pay is a Mumbai based payment gateway service provider in India. Citrus Pay is currently one of the leading payment gateway service provider. Citrus checkout is available as a payment gateway for payment through credit or debit card.

Citrus Pay Office Address:

Citrus Payment Solutions Private Limited
302, Swati Building,
Behind Kotak Mahindra Bank,
North Avenue Road,

Citrus Pay Support Email Address:

In case of any payment failure of your credit/debit card though Citrus Pay checkout, you can contact the Citrus Pay Support to the below email address:


Citrus Pay Customer Care Number:

  • Call 8767709900  to contact the Citrus Pay Customer care

Hakimpur IRCTC Code | Hakimpur Rail Station code IRCTC | Hakimpur Code For IRCTC

November 29th, 2013

Hakimpur IRCTC Code | Hakimpur Rail Station code IRCTC | Hakimpur Code For IRCTC

Hakimpur is a city in the Punjab. You need to know Hakimpur rail station code to search in IRCTC website. Below we provide the Rail station code for Hakimpur Rail Station.

Hakimpur Code For IRCTC WebSite:

  • HKP is the IRCTC code of Hakimpur Rail Station

Poland Holiday Guide- Complete Travel Guide Of Poland

November 22nd, 2013

Weather and seasons of the year in Poland | Travel Guide Of Poland

Girls skiing in poland Holiday travel - Poland Skiing Guide

If you are planning to visit Poland and you are not afraid of cold weather – visit Poland in winter. What do I mean by “cold weather”? Definitely not +8 C degree! If you can bare temperatures below 0 – you can even think about staying there for longer. If you are getting married to a Polish lady/gentleman by any chance – you can even think about living there and not freezing to death: P!

Let’s assume you are very lucky, and while visiting my country you get a lot of snow and some sunshine. What to do with this unknown white substance?

Poland in Winter - Poland Travel

First of all – just enjoy it! Why? It might melt in one hour if the temperature drops suddenly – which is likely to happen. Especially now – in the global warming era. So just go for a walk to a nearby park or a forest and just admire the purity of everything that surrounds you. In south India, where I live now, you can get some snow only in shopping malls for 300 INR per half an hour: P. So admire it – when you have it – for free :P .

If you are a little bit more courageous and you are looking for a truly authentic winter holiday experience – go into the mountains.  There are cosy villages where you can take delight watching the scenery, breathe the crisp mountain air and take it easy.  It is an ideal place to visit if you want to enjoy winter without the crowds and commercialism of the larger European ski resorts. It would be a great place for sport enthusiasts of ski or snowboard too.

For a truly fun loving Indian, I would suggest a slightly different experience – to have a sleigh ride (in the worst case scenario – sledge ride from the closest slope) with your friends or colleagues if they have a soul young enough to do so :) .

Even if you fail to do this, at least make attempt to create a snowman – especially if you visit Poland with your kids. They would love it!

Poland Transport in Winter - Poland Holiday guide

Despite the joy, there are things that you must pay attention to. So remember to keep your body warm when you are outside, especially in Jan and Feb – the coldest winter months. At this time the temperature might drop to – 20 C degrees which is even cold for us – Polish. Also the days are very short so remember about it while planning your day.

Happy winter Polish day :) !

TCS Female Associates Attacked in Hyderabad | Woman Safety in Hyderabad – A Real Incident

November 22nd, 2013

TCS Female Associates Attacked in Hyderabad | Woman Safety in Hyderabad – A Real Incident

TCS Female Associates Attacked in Hyderabad-Woman Safety in Hyderabad

In the light of the heinous incident that occurred in Hyderabad last week, I want to share a few words. Maybe not of wisdom, but ones that definitely helped me stay safe:

1. After 8 pm, prefer the road transport buses to the shared autos and cabs. They may delay you but they offer a margin of safety.

2. If you have to board an auto or cab, move to its front and note down the number of the vehicle so that the driver can see you are noting down his vehicle’s number. If you tell the driver you did so, even better! ( I have done this so many times that people thought I was paranoid. Still, I would say it is better to be paranoid than hurt or traumatized.)

3. Buy a pepper spray!!!! It gives you immense confidence to walk alone and it it a good self-defense mechanism. It is pretty powerful, trust me, It was sprayed before me and the suspended particles were enough to make my nose burn and cough a lot!! (In Hyderabad, they are available in Health n Glow outlets and also you can order them online from

4. Install any of those women safety apps that they advertise about. It wouldn’t hurt to download them.

5. If a man is leching at you or trying to misbehave, start screaming at him. He deserves it! It will at least stop the man from troubling you any further.

6. Other useful tips to remember I have read but not from my personal experience -
a. Use your TCS ID card to wring the neck of your assailant if he happens to be the driver.
b. Dial 100 and start screaming.
c. Remember you can hurt your assailant and I am sorry if I am crossing a line of propriety – Target his sensitive areas with your knees and your elbow is pretty powerful to hit a man.

7. We should not be carefree by chatting on mobile, playing games, talking over phone / sleeping. Pay an attention till we get down from the cab / taxi.
8. Try to stick to the same route that you travel every day.
9. Better to inform family when you onboard, and expected arrival.
10. Update your family if there is a significant delay because of traffic / road conditions. Need transparency among our family, where we are going, what we are doing, when will come back.

I just wanted to share these pointers and hope it helps!